Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is this a new trend?

This flurry of headlines makes me wonder if I am missing some important undercurrent in contemporary social thought. I am sure that these stories are related.

Hitomi Nishina

Celebrity model Hitomi Nishina has unveiled Triumph International (Japan) Ltd.'s new "Warm Biz" bra.

The bra contains a furry boa that is designed to be used as a muffler. [really? - Onymous Guy]

Lined with infrared thermal fabric, the bra also contains special gel pads made of natural materials that can be heated in a microwave oven or hot water bottle.

And in the cleavage area, the bra has a real chilli pepper and a light that flashes and sets off a buzzer when the temperature tops 20 degrees Celsius.

Japanese lingerie maker unveils eco-friendly bra
10/11/2005 - 13:28:54

Furry, heated bras may soon replace lacy lingerie in Japanese women’s wardrobes as the country gets ready for Warm Biz, a nationwide campaign urging workers to bundle up and save energy on heating this winter.

The Warm Biz Bra, unveiled this week by underwear maker Triumph International, is lined with material that emits infrared rays.

The bra is also fitted with pads that can be heated in a microwave or hot water – as well as long, furry straps that wrap around the neck like a scarf and matching shorts.

“Warm Biz lets you add a little fun and chic to office wear, and prevents global warming,” according to the Tokyo-based lingerie company.
[really? - Onymous Guy]

Chinese Try to Buiild Better Bra

November 10, 2005

BAGUALING, China --The Chinese are serious about building a better bra. There's now a degree in bra studies at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University.

And China's biggest lingerie manufacturer, Top Form, has a bra lab at its factory. The company makes more than 60 million bras a year for well-known labels like Victoria's Secret, Playtex and Maidenform.

The Wall Street Journal reports Top Form has been experimenting with various types of padding to give the bust a boost. They've tried air, but like tires it was prone to flats.

Oil-filled pads were too expensive and heavy.

Now, the company is trying a filling made from a thin type of fiberfill, the stuffing used ski parkas.

Woman arrested for stuffing bird into bra

FORT MYERS, Florida --A Florida woman has been arrested for padding her bra -- with a stolen parrot.

Jill Knispel, 35, is facing felony charges after hiding a rare Greenwing parrot in her bra and stealing it from her employer, Baby Exotic Birds, police said.

Knispel allegedly stole the bird so she could trade it for a vintage 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia automobile. She couldn't resist telling the car's owner how she got the animal, according to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Turns out the car's owner is friends with the man who owns the $2,000 bird.

DNA tests confirmed the bird's identity and Knispel was charged Saturday with grand theft.

"The circumstances of the case are the most bizarre I've ever encountered," said veteran wildlife investigator Lenny Barshinger.

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