Saturday, October 13, 2007


The House Judiciary committee passed the RESTORE Act on Friday, in an effort to partially clean up the mess they made in August with the Protect America Act (what is it with loaded legislation titles). Thankfully, the House version didn't include immunity for law-breaking telecommunication firms that helped the Bush administration spy on us all. Unfortunately, it looks like the Senate version still might. I wrote my senior Senator to let him know how I feel:

Shortly after the administration withdrew its nomination of John Rizzo for CIA General Counsel, I wrote to thank you for your efforts in that matter. I also implored you to reject administration efforts to pass into law ex post facto immunity for telecommunications firms that participated in illegal spying efforts.

In the interim, the RESTORE Act has been passed by the House judiciary committee, thankfully without the odious immunity provisions. However, it is my understanding, from reading reports in the New York Times and elsewhere, that Senator Rockefeller's Intelligence Committee may include the provisions in the Senate version of the legislation.

Sir, please do not let this happen. Talk to your colleagues. Let them know that voters oppose protecting firms that broke the law. If the bill makes it to the Senate floor with the immunity provisions intact, vote no. If such a bill seems destined for passage, filibuster.

Your constituents will shed no tears for AT&T. Thank you for your time, Senator.

Greg Diamond