Monday, August 06, 2018

This Day in History, 1945 - Bombs away - the descent of the USA into immorality

Seventy three years ago today, a foolish president ordered the mass murder of humans on the other side of the globe.
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The consequences are still with us today.

Another even more foolish president* might very well do so once again.

Read what the folks at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have written about this.

If you still think that the use of nuclear weapons is morally permissible, look at these films. And they are not even close to representing the horrors that would be visited on those who were to live past the initial blasts.

The Day After

post-film 'debate'  between Carl Sagan and William Fbuckley

When The Wind Blows (narration of the Raymond Briggs book)

The war game


*won electoral college vote through corrupt practices (voter 'caging', Kobach's Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck [It is not illegal to be registered to vote in more than one place; it is illegal to VOTE more than once.], illegal voter id laws, and other violations of the National Voting Rights Act) while losing popular vote by over 3 million votes.

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