Sunday, June 28, 2020

Jim had another interesting photo

We heard from Jim in Tamworth:
I was successful, after several frustrating nights, doing some night photography last night. 
Here's my favorite image. This is not the setting sun. This was taken at nearly midnight. The setting moon to the west lighting up the cloud, the star field - those are stars, not specks of dust - faint through the clouds, and a FIREFLY
flying through the scene with the shutter open, 7 flashes in 8 seconds, glowing for about 1/10 sec! 
It was difficult shooting in the dark, with the moon moving in and out of the clouds, and not knowing the terrain. I said to Maureen that the real problems with night photography are that you have to do it at night. 
Enjoy. Jim 
Photo details, Canon Mark III EOS 5d, 8 secs, Canon 24-105 mm zoom at 105mm, f/4.0,exposure increased in production to f/2.50, ISO 10000, shot at 23:55, 26 June 2020 from White Gates Farm, Tamworth NH
Thanks, Jim. Nice photo!

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