Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Plunge

This seems to be the day for plunges, but not of the bus plunge variety. This was reported in The Telegraph. I like the tasteful, low-keyed headline.
Woman, 34, impaled in hotel plunge

By Paul Anast in Athens
(Filed: 11/10/2006)

A British holidaymaker was fighting for her life last night after her boyfriend allegedly pushed her out of a second-floor window at their hotel on the Greek island of Crete.

Sarah Maskell was impaled on a pole, which pierced her leg and exited through her lungs, in a fall from her room in Malia on Monday.

The incident was witnessed by the British man's five-year-old son, believed to be from a previous marriage, police said.

Miss Maskell was in a critical condition in hospital.

A man, believed to be Miss Maskell's 37-year-old boyfriend, was in custody after appearing in court to face attempted murder charges yesterday.

In a statement, police at Iraklio said that it appeared Miss Maskell had been hit and pushed in a "violent row".

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