Thursday, April 20, 2006

An honest Republican

Representative Jo Ann H. Emerson tells it like it is! We know, from the way they act, that Republicans think their voters are assholes. But, until now, we've never seen one come out and say it.

AP says the the lawmaker is "Puzzled by Obscenity in Letter", but you can see for yourself that Rep. Emerson signed the letter herself.

Wonkette says, We Love Jo Ann Emerson. So do we!
Representative Jo Ann H. Emerson (R-MO 8th)
5th-term Republican from Missouri.

Party: Republican
Residence: Cape Girardeau
Marital Status: Married (Ron Gladney)
Prev. Occupation: Association Executive
Prev. Political Exp.: no prior elected office
Education: BA Ohio Wesleyan University, 1972
Birthdate: 09/16/1950
Birthplace: Bethesda, MD
Religion: Presbyterian

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