Sunday, April 23, 2006

Silly English Lads

I couldn't resist sharing this little tidbit from The Observer. From my dealings with various English, I've been led to believe that their bachelor parties ("stag parties" in the local parlance - oddly enough, "Stag Party" was Hugh Hefners first choice for the name of the publication that eventually became Playboy) make ours look like Sunday school gatherings. This report removes a good deal of doubt. My favorite part:
Advice given by Bratislava Stags, a firm which organises stag weekend in the city, suggests not all visitors are so respectable. The firm asks clients not to urinate in fountains, pass out in club toilets or throw furniture from hotel windows. It implores: 'Do not poo in any part of the hotel except the toilets.'

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Kate said...

Stag parties are apparently still big in New England, my boss just went to a slew of them over the past few weeks. Although I've a feeling that Connecticut doesn't quite live up to Bratislava's standards.