Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Silly English Lads

The previous post reminded me of the Aetherius Society, originally another group of silly English lads and now an international group of silly lads.

This group was founded by one Dr. George King, who was apparently a Shropshire Lad (sorry about that, Al). You may find his biography here at Dr. George King, Our Founder. My favorite tidbit from the bio is this morsel:

In June 1959, guided by Cosmic Authority, Dr. King came to the United States of America where the Aetherius Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization in November 1960.

Over the next two decades he continued to act as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel, recording over 600 Cosmic Transmissions from the Space Masters. This collection of transmissions constitutes the most priceless metaphysical library in the world, with a range and depth of teachings without equal in the annals of occult Truth.

Like another leader we know, George King heard voices.

Determined to help humanity raise itself from universal suffering and ignorance, his life's mission became apparent on May 8, 1954. Alone in his London apartment, a loud physical voice delivered the following Command:

"Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament."

The Aetherians believe that they are in touch with the Cosmic Masters, who seem to come from Venus.
We have walked up to the Pope and said: ‘Dear friend, we come from Venus. We can help you’. Alas, the strong arm of theological tradition fell heavily upon our shoulders. No, dear friends, you are the people. You are the real, the ordinary man, and yet the extraordinary man made extraordinary because you listen – not so much to your mind as to your heart.”

The Master Aetherius, June 30, 1956

They have 19 holy mountains throughout the world,

Dr. George King, acting as a karmic representative of the human race, was needed to physically climb 18 of these 19 mountains. At a point on or near their summit, he entered into an elevated state and an initial Charge was sent through him into the mountain.

In this way, each mountain was charged with spiritual energy by the Cosmic Masters.

Three of these are in the United States:
MOUNT BALDY in Southern California
Charged on August 9, 1959

MOUNT TALLAC in Northern California
Charged on October 21, 1959

MOUNT ADAMS in New Hampshire
Charged on March 15, 1960
By a bit of a coincidence, I have been up two of these - Baldy and Adams. I have been up Adams several times, and I do remember these odd paint marks left by the Aetherians which were dutifully removed by the rangers.

Dr. King directing energy into a prayer energy battery as well as the energy invoked by the Mantra Team.

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