Monday, December 18, 2006

Great gift ideas from abroad - the Japanese version II

Of course, the perfect gift would be a stay at the Hello Kitty Bondage Room in the Adonis Love Hotel. The room has an entertainment center with porn, karaoke, and an in-room dildo vending machine.
ADONIS Love Hotel (from quirkyjapan)

Adonis specializes in S&M rooms and cute cartoon characters. Maybe it was inevitable that the two would be combined to make the ““HELLO KITTY SM ROOM”. There's even a Kitty-chan plush doll wearing a ball gag, blind fold, and barbed wire garter belts that will give you nightmares for years. Adonis also has a room with glow in the dark jelly fish, a prison cell, a high school classroom and some really scary S&M rooms.

Adonis is set off from the other hotels in the Ikutamatera-machi area and is closer to Uehonmachi station, due North of the station and the Miyako hotel on the other side of Sennichimae Street..
Address: Osaka, Tennoji-ku, 5-5-15, Tel. (06) 6761-0168
The toilet seat kitty is from this set at Flickr. (1 image NSFW, the rest are).

See more at Fleshbot (probably NSFW).

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