Sunday, December 17, 2006

Does Morano rhyme with moron?

Who is Marc Morano? I heard this inflated rectum a couple of weeks ago on the local Thom Hartmann Show.

Richard Littlemore calls Marc Morano "the outspoken aid to Oklahoma Senator and Environment Committee Chair Jim Inhofe".

Greenblogger has this report:
Inhofe's Flack Gets Shouted Down at Climate Change Conference

I had mentioned a couple of days ago that one of the significant results from last week’s Congressional election in the US was that Barbara Boxer will be replacing James Inhofe as the chair of the major Senate environmental committee.

One of the likely casualties of this transition will be Mark Morano, the Committee’s current spokesman. He cut his teeth working as a producer for the right-wing talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, before being appointed as Inhofe’s propagandist. In this latter role, he has focused his time on manufacturing non-existent “controversy” over the existence of anthropogenic factors in climate change.

It seems that he is not willing to go down quietly in anticipation of the partisan swing in the Senate. Earlier today, Morano attended the UN Climate Change Conference in Nairobi as a participant on a panel convened by the Oslo-based Center for International Climate and Environmental Research on “Communicating Climate Change.” Morano apparently shilled his “climate change skepticism” line and was roundly dismissed by fellow panelists and audience members.

Luckily Morano will be likely be off the government payroll–or at least his position will be diminished–come January.Â
And here is an excerpt from on op-ed piece in today's Boston Globe, written by Daniel P. Schrag, professor of earth and planetary sciences at Harvard and director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment":
On a swift boat to a warmer world
By Daniel P. Schrag | December 17, 2006

...I later learned that Inhofe's communications director, Marc Morano, was a key figure in publicizing the swift boat veterans' attack on John Kerry in 2004. Morano, it seems, is still up to his old tricks, twisting the facts to support his boss's outrageous claims. This made my visit complete: a glimpse at our government that sees the world only through glasses tinted by special interests, which treats science as a political football, no matter what is at stake.
Who is Marc Morano? Yes, he is a Reichwinging tool. You may find the entire op-ed piece here.

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