Wednesday, November 15, 2006

TV Shows We're Glad We Missed - The British Version

Yes, we're glad that we have never seen "Deal or No Deal", "The Dukes of Hazzard", or "Laverne and Shirley." Reality shows ? Never. Bowling? Not a chance. Fox News? GMAFB.

The Guardian reminds us that there are many other shows we are glad we have missed.
TV sex does not appeal

Channel 4 is under attack for its salacious content, but it seems not to have viewers turning on

Zoe Williams
Wednesday November 15, 2006
The Guardian
Sir Jeremy Isaacs, the founding chief executive of Channel 4, has written a scathing piece about the broadcaster's content - specifically, how much sex there is in it. This could, of course, be sour grapes on Isaacs' part; when Michael Grade succeeded him, he had the nickname "pornographer-in-chief" almost from the get-go. I imagine these jobs are a bit like teaching - even if the kids are calling you "Mr Hopeless Inadequate Worm" behind your back, it still means they like you more than if they're calling you by your actual name. But still, Channel 4 does have a lot of sex on. Singled out for particular mention were The World's Biggest Penis, Designer Vaginas and the much-vaunted but very little talked about Wank Week...

It is true that The World's Biggest Penis netted 2.2 million viewers, which is a fair whack; indeed it was 21% of the audience at that time...

I must confess that I nearly gagged when I read this aside by the author.
you'll forgive me for leaving aside American imports, which can't be divided into "sexual" and "asexual" because they're so good.
I am intrigued by"Wank Week". I would suppose that Fucker Carlson and The O'Reilly Fucktor would be permament guests.

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