Tuesday, November 21, 2006


On Friday, I was importing a stack of CDs into my iPod. The Bernstein Mahler cycle. A separate track caught my eye. The "adagietto" from the 5th. It was recorded at St. Pat's June 8th, 1968, at the funeral Mass for RFK. I was overwhelmed. That eternally long suspension.

Today, reading Jimmy Breslin's piece in the LA Times just makes me very sad. Imagine what was taken from us. There would have been no hostages in Tehran. "The Great Communicator" would have remained deservedly obscure. We would not have propped up Saddam. No Gulf War I. No 9/11. No Gulf War II. No Bush I. No Bush II. Not heaven, but not this, either.


The night Bobby was shot

A screening of the new film on Robert Kennedy's assassination conjures memories of the events 38 years ago.
By Jimmy Breslin
JIMMY BRESLIN writes columns for New York Newsday.

November 20, 2006

A CRYSTAL BROKE in the air with a little sound, the devil snapping his fingers, and now on a whim, a push from nowhere, I told the guy driving me that I wanted to go to Fullerton. There was an ad in the paper for a gun shop. I was here for an election, not guns, but instinct brought me there. This was in the middle of the morning on the day of the California presidential primary all the way back in 1968.

It was a sun-warmed day, and in Fullerton I found a man and wife in a garage running a gun shop. It was a second job for him, the man said; he drove an oil truck as a first job. If he was gone, his wife came out of the kitchen to sell you a good oiled gun.

The guy had all these pistols on a counter. Among them was an Iver Johnson .22. I asked him what he thought they were for. I don't know what he said. I know I said that the only reason you have a handgun is to shoot people in the head.

Later, the night was soft, and the sounds of the people were pleasant as they walked through the beginning of the evening on the lawn of the Ambassador Hotel.

It was the campaign headquarters for Robert F. Kennedy, who was getting close to the Democratic nomination for president.

And that is the last bright thing I can remember from that night. (read the rest here)

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