Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Naked Bike Ride

Today is World Naked Bike Ride. 76 Cities in the Northern Hemisphere, including Portland and Eugene. But The Telegraph reports that Brighton is being stubborn.
Naked cyclists forced to cover up
(Filed: 10/06/2006)

Naked cyclists taking part in a global one-day protest against the supremacy of the car have been forced to cover up in Brighton for fear of arrest.

World Naked Bike Ride day is being celebrated in London, Manchester, York and Brighton to promote sustainable transport...

Nick Sayers, Brighton & Hove co-ordinator for the event, said: "The threat of arrest is bizarre. Like neighbouring London, Brighton is supposed to be a cosmopolitan, forward-thinking city.

"However, it seems the attitude of the authorities here is still that of a provincial, prudish backwater..."

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