Thursday, October 20, 2005

'Mr. Floatie' backs out

I love the Boston Globe.

'Mr. Floatie' backs out of mayoral race

VICTORIA, British Columbia --Mr. Floatie, a community activist who dresses up in a feces costume to decry the pumping of raw sewage into the waters off British Columbia's capital, has withdrawn his name as a candidate for mayor.

The city had planned to challenge Mr. Floatie's candidacy in B.C. Supreme Court.

James Skwarok, the man inside the costume, said the city apparently took issue with his candidacy because only real people can run for municipal office.

"Of course I'm not a real person," Skwarok said earlier this week. "I'm a big piece of poop."

Robert Woodland, Victoria's administrator, confirmed that Mr. Floatie is no longer in the running, the Victoria Times Colonist reported Tuesday.

Skwarok was not available for further comment.

Mr. Floatie has become a regular sight at public gatherings.

He passes out pamphlets drawing attention to Victoria's practice of pumping sewage directly into the Juan de Fuca after only a screening to remove solids.

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Greg said...

Mr. Floatie made a brief appearance at the beginning of this clip from Crooks & Liars (it's worth checking out).

C&L links only last for three days or so, email me if it's dead and I'll send you the clip myself.