Thursday, October 20, 2005

Freudian slip

The Huffington Post picked this up from ThinkProgress.

It reminds me of this old joke.
Two guys were going on a business trip. One stood in line and fixed the return address tags on the luggage, and the other walked up to the ticket counter. The woman selling the tickets was breathtakingly beautiful. The guy buying the tickets said, "I'll take two pickets to titsburg please." After a very long pause, she smiled demurely and handed him the tickets. He walked away totally humiliated.

When he and his buddy got far enough away from the booth, he turned to his friend and said, "You'll never believe what I just did back there. I was trying not to stare at that woman's breasts and when I asked for tickets, I actually said 'Two pickets to titsburg.' " His buddy laughed and says, "Yeah, that's pretty common. It's called a Freudian slip. Why, just the other night at supper, I meant to ask my mother to pass the salt and I said, "YOU BITCH YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!!!"

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