Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This very funny post made its way to The Smoking Gun.

NOTE: We don't find the Nazi or racist ones funny, so we're leaving them out.

Here are some interesting license plates:

State License (Language ) Translation
NY BIGPNS (Doh!) Put in some vowels
NY BYTETH1S (Doh!) nun needed
NY ELBECHO (Spanish) male body part
NY CTO XYEB (Russian) 100 male body parts
NY CGA2MDRE (Spanish) My Mother! Your mother!
NY 3M WOJ8 (Doh!) Read it in a mirror
NY EFF EWE 2(Doh!) Doh!
?? 2HOT2DOU (Doh!) Doh!
NY UP TOUS (French) Manges moi
NY POTVINSUX Doh! see this and the item below


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