Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The ozone hole: still big, still bad

Nasa's Ozone Watch has the latest.

It is still a bit early to assess how this year's ozone hole will compare with previous years, but so far, it looks large and deep. Here is the latest satellite false color image (from September 2)

You may download a movie showing the evolution of this year's ozone hole here (Windows or Mac).

I've been studying this for five years. I am not happy. Here are some graphs for the numerati:

The first image shows the area of the hole; for comparions, the entire North American continent has and area of about 24.5 millions of square kilometers.

The second image shows the amount of ozone remaining in the atmosphere; normal levels prior to the 1970s were about 300 Dobson units (DU).

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Much scarier than those naked fat lady photos!