Thursday, January 04, 2007

Byrd In Hand

This AP story appeared in today's WaPo. The tail end of the story has a great bit about Robert BVyrd's antics at today's swearing-in ceremony.

Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia was sworn in for the ninth time Thursday, and he did it in signature style.

The West Virginia Democrat, who turns 90 this year and is the longest-serving member of the current Senate, is known for his long speeches, his knowledge of Senate rules and his flamboyant personality.

He first spoke through the opening prayer, calling "Praise Jesus," and "yeah!"

After he was sworn in by Vice President Cheney, he pumped his fist and yelled, "So help me God!"

Just after that, Byrd appeared weak and started to collapse. He was caught by his West Virginia colleague, Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller, and other senators standing nearby.

Byrd didn't miss a step as he then walked back to his desk, giving a loud "Hallelujah!" to the crowd.

He later stood behind new Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., patting him on the back as Sanders took the oath of office.

Just imagine the thoughts that flooded through Darth Cheney when Byrd feigned his collapse. I am sure that "Oh, the poor man" was not one of them.

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