Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Breaking News: One in nine women prefer chores to sex

The Telegraph nails this story
...a survey which found half of women are dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Eleven per cent said they regularly have sex when they do not really want to and one in 12 admitted frequently faking orgasms.

One in nine women view sex as “like any other household chore”, “an irritating annoyance” or “only enjoyable for men”.

Scottish men appear to be performing particularly badly. [Onymous guy says "lay off the haggis."]

While across the UK six per cent of women see bedroom activities as having more in common with doing the hoovering or washing up, this rises to 10 per cent in Scotland. Marcelle d’Argy Smith, writer, broadcaster and former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, said: “Unless you’ve just fallen wildly in love, you tend to think that other people are having better sex lives. “I think there is real sadness in couples that are living together, and really like each other, and yet they’re having lousy sex lives.”

A representative sample of 1941 adults took part in a survey commissioned by Zestra, the makers of a massage oil the company claims enhances female sexual pleasure.

Across the UK 6.3 per cent of women said they considered sex to be “like any other household chore”.

A further three per cent said it was “an irritating annoyance” and two per cent said it was only enjoyable for men.

While younger women were having more regular sex, their satisfaction levels were much lower than those of older generations.

The Welsh, both men and women, said they were having sex more frequently than adults in other regions.

Well, of course, our scientific curiosity was now piqued and we HAD to see what this was all about. According to the manufacturer of Zestra,
Patented Zestra™ is the topical product clinically proven to increase female sexual arousal, desire, sensation and overall sexual pleasure. Zestra™ for Women is a unique topically applied feminine massage oil for the genital area that was scientifically formulated to enhance female sexual pleasure, increase genital warmth, sensitivity, sensation and facilitate arousal. Blended from all natural botanical ingredients without any irritants, the oils application can be incorporated into foreplay and will sustain heightened sensation for 30 to 45 minutes with a single application.
Hmmmm. This manufacturer wouldn't have a vested interest in the outcome of the survey cited in the Telegraph, would it?

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