Monday, May 08, 2006

More British Pissheads

I keep picking on them, but I kid the British.

The latest news is that 10 players for Tottenham Hotspur, a football club, were laid ill following a meal at their Canary Wharf hotel over the weekend. This caused them to lose badly to West Ham (the team featured in Green Street Hooligans) yesterday. This is big, as it potentially means the team could be denied a spot in the Champions League. As this article details, negotiations between the team and the league were frantic, with the team trying to get the game pushed back 24 hours. 2 hours was the best the league said they could do. The reason?
Frantic negotiations took place between league officials, Tottenham's management and medical staff and the police. The latter said the kick-off could be delayed until 5pm, but no later, because of concerns about public order if fans had been drinking all day.

God bless English fans.

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